The CPA Saskatchewan Scholarship Fund Inc. provides scholarships, bursaries or grants to individuals living in Saskatchewan that are enrolled in the CPA preparatory courses and the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP).

The following scholarships and bursaries are available in the current calendar year. The deadline to apply is December 31, 2020.


The applicant must achieve a final exam mark of 80% or higher in any of the CPA preparatory courses below to be eligible to apply for the scholarship based on that course. The scholarship will then be awarded to the applicant with the highest mark in that CPA course. (If you are applying for a bursary, please see the Bursary Section).

Up to eight (8) scholarships for $650 each will be awarded to eligible students who applied; one scholarship for each of the following CPA preparatory courses:

  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 1 – The Debbie Dillon Scholarship
  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
  • Advanced Financial Reporting – The Tony Ducie Scholarship
  • Corporate Finance
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Taxation
  • Intermediate Management Accounting
  • Performance Management

Students that have taken the CPA preparatory course need to apply to be considered for that preparatory course scholarship.




Two (2) scholarships for $1,000 each will be awarded; one scholarship for each of the two CPA PEP Core Modules. Candidates that have taken the Core Module need to apply to be considered for that Core Module scholarship. The candidate must also meet the following requirements:

  • Only candidates completing that Core module with distinction will be eligible.
  • Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their community involvement, since there are no marks to determine the top candidate
  • An essay question on the candidate’s background and community involvement will be included on the application
  • Please enclose the most recent copy of your PEP program transcript


Four (4) Bursaries for $1,000 each are available to students in need:

  • Students need to apply to be considered
  • The applicant must disclose their income level, including their spouse’s income, and the number of dependents
  • Student must provide both an employer recommendation letter (if employed) and an essay describing why they feel they should receive this award