Catherine Beaudoin, CPA, CMA

Pursuing a Passion for Entrepreneurship and Food

September 15, 2020

CPAs work in every industry, using their financial, business, and leadership capabilities to tackle various business challenges. The CPA skill set lends itself well to entrepreneurship, so it is no surprise that nearly one in ten Canadian CPAs is self-employed. When Catherine Beaudoin, CPA, CMA started her own company, she was empowered with the skills to help her succeed.

“Starting, operating and growing a business has been an incredible opportunity for growth. I am thankful for this opportunity as well as each milestone, like the CPA, that make it possible.”

Catherine Beaudoin, CPA, CMA is the CEO and owner of ZestyKits Inc., a company that she started with her sister, Annie Beaudoin. ZestyKits is based in Regina, offering ready-to-cook meals with local ingredients.

Catherine was always working towards the goal of starting a business. After graduating from the University of Regina, she worked for governmental and Crown corporations, beginning as an administrative assistant and working her way up to Business Consulting Manager. “I decided to complete the CPA designation to advance my career and to gain financial and strategic skills that would be valuable to start a business,” explains Catherine. In 2018, Catherine and Annie launched ZestyKits.

“I LOVE what I do! Starting and operating ZestyKits has been an absolute joy. Having the opportunity to follow my dreams, to truly make a difference in our clients’ lives and in our industry is extremely fulfilling.”

The meal-kit market is cut-throat, but Catherine says that the technical skills she developed as a CPA helped her point the business in the right direction. The CPA program also develops professional skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, which Catherine notes are particularly important as an entrepreneur. “Learning new skills rapidly throughout the CPA taught me to be flexible and agile,” skills that Catherine says are critical in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Business has been great, and in January 2020, Catherine stepped away from the corporate world to pursue a career as a full-time entrepreneur. 

Her advice for aspiring CPAs?

“The CPA program is built to equip you with the capabilities you need to grow your career as far as you have the ambition to bring it. You will get out of the program what you put into it… Like all growth opportunities, going through the CPA program is not a walk in the park. It is worth all your efforts.”

Catherine Beaudoin, CPA, CMA