Internationally Trained Accountants

Information for internationally trained accountants that have relocated or are looking to relocate to Saskatchewan.

In the Province of Saskatchewan, the accounting profession is regulated under the Accounting Profession Act (the Act). Within the Province of Saskatchewan, only members registered with CPA Saskatchewan may use the title “professional accountant” or any designation, title, initials or description, abbreviated or otherwise, that implies that the individual is a member of a professional accounting body.

Registration as a member with CPA Saskatchewan is not required to provide non-regulated accounting services including bookkeeping, tax preparation and accounting services that are not provided to the public (see below for additional information on the Regulation of Accounting in Saskatchewan). For example, individuals working as account receivable clerks or in similar basic accounting functions under supervision are not regulated and without additional experience in more senior accounting positions would not qualify for registration as members of CPA Saskatchewan.

Internationally Designated Accountants

Are you a designated member of an accounting body that is a member of IFAC and interested in becoming a member of CPA Saskatchewan?

Email CPA Saskatchewan for information on the process and include the following in your email:

  1. Designation and accounting body.
  2. Are you currently living and working in Saskatchewan? If not, where do you currently reside and work and when do you plan on relocating to Saskatchewan?
  3. Was your qualifying experience obtained outside of Canada?
  4. Are you currently providing assurance services, and do you plan to perform assurance engagements in Saskatchewan? See below for information on the Regulation of Accounting in Saskatchewan.

Click HERE for a list of IFAC member accounting bodies.

Non-Designated Internationally Trained Accountants

There are two programs of interest to you: the CPA Certification Program and CPA Canada’s Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF).

Are you interested in becoming a CPA and member of CPA Saskatchewan? You will be required to complete the CPA Certification Program.Click HERE for more information.

The ACAF qualification is the recognized national standard developed by CPA Canada in consultation with employers. The program will provide you with job-ready skills that employers need, including: strong technical abilities, hands-on experience with industry specific software, and the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. The ACAF helps individuals further develop skills learned in accounting diploma programs or through equivalent on-the-job experience. Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE for a comparison of the two programs.

Regulation of Accounting in Saskatchewan

The practice of professional accounting is regulated in Saskatchewan and is defined in Section 18 of the Act. In summary, the practice of professional accounting consists of:

  • Audit engagements
  • Review engagements
  • Other Assurance engagements, and
  • Providing Financial Reporting advice which references the CPA Canada Handbook.

Only licensed members of CPA Saskatchewan may practice professional accounting in Saskatchewan. Members must be in the practice professional accounting to be licensed. The majority of CPA Saskatchewan members are not licensed and are not currently eligible to be licensed. For example, members working as staff accountants, controllers or directors of finance are typically not licensed and would not qualify to be licensed.

Click HERE for more information on licensing.

Saskatchewan Immigration and Naturalization Program (SINP)

Most new Canadians are not eligible to be licensed upon registration as a member of CPA Saskatchewan and should answer NO to this question on the SINP application. Eligibility for licensing can be self-assessed by reviewing Section 20(4) of the Act and Regulatory Bylaw 25.

Eligibility for licensing is only one factor upon which your SINP application is evaluated by the province. For SINP purposes, CPA Saskatchewan cannot confirm your eligibility to register as a member until you have completed the process to register as a member.

If you are not currently residing in Canada, you should contact CPA BC about registering as a member.