This issues we learn how CPAs are Drivers of Change. Business is changing faster than ever with new rules and new ways of thinking. CPAs are at the center of this rapidly changing business landscape. They are found harnessing technology and data for informed decision-making to minimize the disruptive nature of change and to address the need for prompt, knowledgeable action. CPAs demonstrate daily the value the profession brings in helping organizations chart a course in the presence of constant change.

In this issue we celebrate our members. We thank our volunteers and congratulate our newest Fellows. You can also meet our 2016-17 CPA SK Board members, read about our 2016 CPA Conference and learn about local and national events.

This issue brings your invitation to the CPA SK AGM and Member Conference in May 2016; features the first Saskatchewan CPA graduates from the new CPA Program; includes a member profile; and provides you with various news and events, business resources, programs and professional updates.

Check out the December 2015 issue of CPA SKConnect. In it you will find information about CPA Saskatchewan’s anniversary celebrations, the Fall 2015 CPA Convocation, a Member Profile, PD programs, resources, events, updates and our provincial and national CPA news.

On this issue of CPA SKConnect members can find updates on CPA SK activities and unification across Canada. As well, this newsletter features the CPA SK team members and provides highlights of the 2015 CPA Conference.

In this issue we celebrate new members, as well as accomplishments of CPAs. As well, members will find their invitation to the 2015 CPA Saskatchewan Conference in Saskatoon. Hope to see you there!

In this issue CPA Saskatchewan celebrates the proclamation of The Accounting Profession Act in Saskatchewan, as well as its newest members. In addition, members will find useful information on regulatory matters, professional development and business resources.

Members of CPA Saskatchewan are known for sharing their talents with others. Members serving their professional designation use their gifts and abilities to strengthen the Mission and Vision of CPA Saskatchewan and they are an example of leadership and giving. For all your time, effort and hard work, we say thank you to all our volunteers, past and present. We also thank all members who have volunteered with other organizations. We salute all of you.

The world is changing and the accounting profession is evolving with it. Having successfully navigated the challenges of integration, we have now entered an exciting new era of good faith and open dialogue. No longer are we asked about our legacy designations. We are all CPAs and moving into the future as one unified profession. Together we celebrate all our CPA members! And what makes you CPA Proud?

CPAs: Leaders building a future for the profession CPAs are highly qualified professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to representing the highest standards of accounting, ethics and best business practices. They are working hard to build a future for our profession. CPAs are value creators, trustworthy advisors and business leaders. They have the power to be positive change-makers in industry, for the economy and to protect the public. CPAs are invested in making the world a better place.

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