Firm Renewal and Fees

Annual firm renewal and fees are due November 15th and must be completed and paid by December 1st to ensure a firm’s good standing.  The firm is required to do the following:

  1. Approve and RETURN the attached Firm Roster by November 15 to the Registrar at CPA Saskatchewan.
  2. Complete the firm registration renewal online.
    Note: Please do not click “Forgot My Password”.  To reset your Firm password, please email or call 306.359.0272.
    • Review firm contact information,
    • Firm structure,
    • Firm services, and
    • Declarations.
  1. If applicable, complete the firm licence renewal ONLINE through the Firm Portal by December 1.
  2. If applicable, complete the professional corporation renewal ONLINE through the Firm Portal by December 1. Make sure you submit the most recent ISC profile report. 
  3. Pay the firm annual fees by December 1. Fees can be paid online only after CPA Saskatchewan receives the approved signed Firm Roster.  You will receive notification from CPA Saskatchewan to proceed with payment. Cheques can be made payable to “CPA Saskatchewan”.

Note: If you are paying by cheque for a group of renewal fees related to licenses and professional corporations in addition to the firm fees, all members must have completed the member licence and professional corporation renewals online prior to the payment being processed. Please provide a written explanation to CPA Saskatchewan on what the cheque covers.

Firm Permits

A current firm permit is valid until December 31. Please ensure any changes to your practice are communicated to CPA Saskatchewan within thirty (30) days of the effective date of any change (for example: ceasing to provide audit services).