Why Hire a CPA Firm

Why choose a Chartered Professional Accountant, not an “accountant”?

Anyone can call themselves “an accountant”, but not just anyone can call themselves a Chartered Professional Accountant.

  • As professionals, we belong to a self-regulated professional body which has the mandate to promote and protect the public interest.
  • As professionals, we are required to meet and maintain standards of qualification, practice, and professional ethics, as well as standards of knowledge, skill and proficiency.
  • Only CPA’s who meet public accounting licensing requirements mandated by the province can provide assurance services to the public in Saskatchewan and call themselves Licensed Professional Accountants.
  • Only firms that are properly registered and comply with the regulatory and ethical requirements of CPA Saskatchewan can call themselves Chartered Professional Accounting firms.

Requirements for a Licence

A member or firm practicing professional accounting defined in Section 18(1) of the Act is required to obtain a licence PRIOR to providing that service to the public.

Providing Services to the Public

  • The practice of professional accounting consists of:
    •  Audit engagements;
    • Other Assurance engagements, including Review Engagements; or
    • Providing Financial Reporting advice which references the CPA Canada Handbook.

In order for a firm to be licensed to provide one or more components of the practice of professional accounting, it must have a practice leader, who is a licensed member. A practice leader is any member who has authority to sign reports or provide opinions or certifications on behalf of the firm.

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