Member Recognition Award Nominations

The CPA Saskatchewan Board recently approved the addition of two new Member Recognition Awards: the Early Achievement Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nominations are now open for these new recognition awards. All nomination files must be received by 4:00 pm, Thursday, August 15, 2019.​

Award Overviews and Nomination Criteria

Every year, CPA SK will call for nominations for the CPA Member Recognition Awards.

Nominators are responsible for ensuring that the file is complete and that the information it contains is accurate and sufficient to allow the committees to fairly evaluate the nomination. The committees also reserve the right to have the main facts in support of a nomination validated by an outside source.

Click on the relevant award to see what it recognizes, how the eligibility and selection criteria work, and links to download the nomination forms.

How the Candidates are Chosen

The Nominating Committee will review the nominations. After carefully reviewing and evaluating the nominations received, the committee will make recommendations to the Board.

Once the CPA SK Board has approved the awards, the award recipients will be contacted directly. For unsuccessful nominations, the nominator will be contacted, as the nominee may not be aware that they have been nominated.

Note: To be eligible for a CPA SK member recognition award, a candidate cannot have already received a similar award from one of the legacy bodies.

Member Recognition Award Nominations