Continuing Professional Development

Minimum CPD Requirements

Minimum Requirements Verifiable Hours Total Hours
Annual 10 20
Three Year Rolling Cycle 60 120

Verifiable CPD includes learning activities, relevant to your professional role, for which the information is not self-prepared to verify your participation.  For more information, check out the 'What is Verifiable' document.

Unverifiable CPD includes personal reading, on-the-job learning and other ‘self-study’ activities relevant to your professional role for which there is no information to verify your participation.

If you will meet the minimum three year cycle requirements for CPD before December 31, please remember to enter your hours into the “My CPD” Reporting Tool by February 15.

If you will not meet the minimum three year cycle requirements for CPD before December 31 you will be required to submit a CPD plan.  The plan must be submitted to the Monitoring department by email before February 15.  A plan template is available online CPD Plan

To assist you, CPA Saskatchewan offers a comprehensive professional development program.  Topics include technical competencies such as assurance and taxation and professional skills such as time management, negotiation, and technology management. 

The new CPA Saskatchewan Professional Development Calendar will be available at the end of August.

Example of the Three Year Cycle

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total
40 hrs 40 hrs 40 hrs       120 hrs
  40 hrs 40 hrs 50 hrs     130 hrs
    40 hrs 50 hrs 30 hrs   120 hrs
      50 hrs 30 hrs 40 hrs 120 hrs

* Assume the verifiable CPD is achieved

If you have any questions, visit the FAQ CPD page at prior to contacting our office at (306) 359-0272 or Email

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