Brandin Titanich, CPA, CMA

A Rewarding Career and a Successful Side Gig

November 16, 2020

CPAs can work in any industry and pursue a career they are passionate about. In addition, many CPAs have turned their hobbies, like stand-up comedy, food, sports, and music, into lucrative side gigs. Brandin Titanich, CPA, CMA is the Executive Director of a not-for-profit healthcare organization, and he spends his spare time developing commercial video games.

“None of this would have been possible without my CPA designation. Find what drives you and follow it. Keep trying new things until you find what you are most passionate about.”

Brandin Titanich, CPA, CMA is the Executive Director of Finance at Eden Care Communities, a not-for-profit, charitable group of companies that provide independent and assisted living accommodations, home care services, and wellness programs for seniors in Saskatchewan. He also enjoys working as an independent video game developer.

The week after finishing his final exams at the University of Regina, Brandin started as Director of Finance at a senior citizen's home. He earned his designation in 2011 and began working in a similar role at Eden Care Communities. However, it was not long before he was promoted to Executive Director of Finance.

“Working for Eden Care allows me to give back to the local community while supporting our Ministries of Health, Social Services and Education. Helping Canadian Registered Charities is rewarding. We live our values and make a difference by helping others.”

Brandin's work environment is fast-paced and dynamic. He is always facing new and exciting challenges, like growing the business through new ventures. Managing a team of staff and regularly meeting with leaders across the organization, he has found that, in an executive role, enabling competencies and technical skills are equally required.

Brandin was able to combine the skills he obtained from both his job and video game development when he worked with the Regina Game Developers to coordinate the 2020 Global Game Jam, the world’s largest game creation event.

Despite making video games as a hobby since he was 15, Brandin only recently started developing them professionally. It is an exciting and lucrative side-gig. The video game industry has shown consistent growth and is rapidly evolving and innovating alongside advances in technology. Brandin's first commercial game, Brandin’s Buttons, is scheduled to be published this year, with additional games to follow. He is also helping with the development of Massive Corporation’s highly anticipated game, Queen City Chaos.

“You can work in any industry. Everyone needs accountants. Our business expertise sets us apart, and having this knowledge and experience gives us an edge in any organization... Don’t feel limited to certain areas…

You can do anything with your CPA.”


* Editor's note: Prior to publishing this feature, Brandin Titanich, CPA, CMA accepted a new role as Controller at The Atlas° Hotel.

Brandin Titanich, CPA, CMA