PD Passport Information

Good News!

CPA Saskatchewan’s Passport Program has been improved for the 2021/22 year. All CPA SK courses, conferences and events may be purchased using your Passport credits at even greater savings from the cash price. Corporate and Personal Passports will now both provide you with access to 40 credits of learning.

There are no restrictions on the number of Passports you or your organization may purchase.

The regular cash price will apply to all courses purchased that exceed the total Passport credits available.

The Passport year runs from April 1 to March 31.

Invest in your Passport today!


Designed for the most significant savings, the Personal Passport is non-transferable (only the Passport holder may use Personal Passport credits to register). Each Personal Passport provides access to 40 credits of learning at no additional charge.


Designed for group savings, the Corporate Passport may be used by anyone in your organization. Each Corporate Passport provides access to 40 credits of learning at no additional charge.

PASSPORT PRICING (Prices do not include GST)

Personal Passport 40 Credits $800
Corporate Passport 40 Credits $1000


  • Passports are purchased on-line through the CPA SK portal at Passport Program
  • If you are having any difficulties purchasing your passport on-line, contact Rhonda Day.


  • Each course specifies the exact number of Passport credits required to register in that course.
  • Passport credits cannot be applied to courses that you registered in prior to purchasing the Passport.
  • Passport credits are not refunded on cancellation requests received less than one week prior to the course date.
  • Passport holders who do not show up for a course will be charged as if they had attended.
  • Passport holders that exceed the total number of credits available will be charged the regular cash price for those credits.
  • Payment for the Passport must be received prior to the first course registration using the Passport. If payment is not received, your course registration will be cancelled.
  • Passports are non-refundable and unused portions of the PD Passports are NOT refunded, credited or carried-forward beyond March 31 of the Passport year.