PD Passport Information

PD Passports are developed to offer CPA Saskatchewan PD courses at tremendous savings. Invest in your Passport today!

The Passport year runs from April 1 to March 31. Unused Passport days cannot be carried over into the following year.


Personal Passports provide access to CPA Saskatchewan courses at tremendous savings. For Personal Passports, the cost is only $170 per day for members and $210 per day for non-members. Personal Passports are valid for a total 5 days of professional development.You select  p the combination of half, one and two day courses that is right for you. Personal Passports are non-transferable (only the passport holder may use it). 

Personal Passport Pricing CPA Member Non-Member
 Pricing $850 $1050
Additional Course Pricing
Full Day $170 $210
Half Day $85 $105



Corporate Passports are your organization’s ticket to continued learning. Designed for group savings, the Corporate Passport is transferable to anyone in your organization. One Corporate Passport allows your organization to share up to 9 days of passport eligible courses in any combination of half, one, and two day courses. There are no restrictions on the number of Corporate Passports your organization can purchase. One passport # is assigned to all passports purchased by your organization in the current passport year. Regular course pricing will apply to any courses purchased by your organization that are above the total purchased passport limit.

Corporate Passport Pricing Amount
Pricing $2,250


  • CPA Saskatchewan members may purchase personal passports on-line in the member portal at https://member.cpask.ca.
  • For non-member and corporate passport purchases, download the passport form below and return with payment to CPA Saskatchewan as per the information on the form. 


  • Passports must be purchased prior to registering for courses. Passports cannot be applied to courses that you registered in prior to purchasing a passport. If payment for the passport is not received prior to your first course registration, your course registration will be cancelled.
  • To register on-line in a course using a passport, select the passport payment option and enter your assigned passport number (C#### if corporate and P#### if personal).
  • If you have not yet received your passport number, you may submit a manual registration form and enter “applied for a passport” in place of the passport #.
  • PD Passports are non-refundable.
  • Unused portions of the PD Passports are NOT refunded, credited or carried-forward.
  • Passport holders who do not show up for a course will be charged as if they had attended.