CPA Assist

Toll-free confidential support line 1-855-596-4222 with 24/7 crisis support or book an appointent during office hours Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm MST.

CPA Saskatchewan is delighted to partner with CPA Alberta to offer a new and unique service for CPAs, candidates and their families. As of September 1, CPA Assist, a wellness resource that offers confidential mental health services, is available across the province.  Resources such as articles and webinars will be available and can provide specific knowledge and support on many different topics.

CPA Assist helps ensure the well-being of individual CPAs, candidates, and their family members. Further, it helps to maintain the accounting profession’s reputation for high levels of competency and performance by supporting individuals through stressful or challenging periods.The stigma attached to mental health issues can be a serious barrier, and the decision to seek help can be difficult so all services and programs that are provided are confidential.

The program offers two main services:

  • Professional counselling services and short-term support for a variety of issues. This includes crisis support and referrals for long-term resources.
  • Health and wellness services, including nutritional counselling, health assessments, and counselling for eating disorders.

For general information on the program, visit or email