CFE Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the 142 CPA Saskatchewan candidates in the CPA Certification Program who successfully completed the Common Final Examination (CFE).

“On behalf of everyone at the CPA Western School of Business, I extend my congratulations to the 142 candidates from CPA Saskatchewan who passed the 2019 CFE,” said Steve Vieweg, FCPA, FCMA, CEO of the CPA Western School of Business. “They have developed and demonstrated technical and professional skills they will take with them into the next stage of their careers and beyond and I wish them the very best.”

The demonstration of these skills earned two CPA Saskatchewan candidates, April Polasek and Jonathan Neigum, recognition on the National Honour Roll.

“I am incredibly honoured to receive national recognition for my performance on the 2019 CFE. It is rewarding to know the countless hours of preparation and unwavering support received from my family, mentors, and the Firm has resulted in such a prestigious accolade.” – Jonathan Neigum
“I am thrilled to have passed the CFE and been recognized on the honour roll. This is a perfect end to this part of my CPA journey, which I have so enjoyed and which I could not have accomplished without the support of my family, friends, and colleagues.” – April Polasek


The listing below only includes candidates that have provided consent to CPAWSB to release their names. As a result, this listing is not a full listing of successful candidates on the 2019 CFE.

Ahsan Amjad Nathan Guy Su Ping Ng
Josh Andal Kristen Hamilton Kurtis Nicholson
Melissa Ardagh Brooke Hanna Alanna Paidel
James Avery Mohamed Hassan Nicole Parker
Danielle Bauml Brooke Healey Koleban Paziuk
Michael Bazin Raylene Heiser Andrea Pettigrosso
Jannelle Beitel Blake Hermann April Polasek
Bailey Belchamber Troy Holfeld Cadence Polishchuk
Jaye Bennett Eric Holloway Hiteshkumar Prajapati
Connor Bloom Michael Holmlund Florence Quinto
Lauren Breckner Hongsheng Huang Marcus Richards
Kyle Bryden Jemima Irlandez Hazel Rivera
Amanda Buchholzer Hiromi Isa Sajjad Safi
Jacob Burns Abdullah Ishtiaq Emily Sarauer
Weiyan Cheng Ryan Janckila Danielle Sauve
Stephanie Cheuk Marsha Janvier Rachel Schultz
Jared Christensen Chuan Jiang Liam Seidler
Jorge Colin Rebecca Johnson Nicholas Seredynski
Brendan Colville Julie Jordison Khushbu Shah
Teagan Cook Scott Kohlenberg Jade Shirley
Adam Danderfer Peiwen Kolosnjaji Jonathan Sieffert
Carly Davidson Amanda Kostur Jennifer Skuse
Tyler Dawson Tammy Kuntz Kaylee Sparrowhawk
Kathleen de Bussac Jonathan Kwan Rhys Sutter
Laural Debusschere Armand LaPlante Rahat Tahir
Jena Delahey Lyndon Laprairie Shadab Tahir
Yunting Deng Donovan Lautsch Lorisa Tamke
Heidi Dick Amber Leachman JiaYong Tan
Cole Dionne Weixian Li Yunqian Tan
Kyle Dormuth Luisa Linares Gavril Tarasoff
Steven Dreznjak Yangyang Liu Erin Templeton
Shanna Drozd Taylor Logan Duncan Terry
Kyle Dudley Rowena Mallari Caroline Tu
Kellsie Dufault Ellane Mangaser Jason Vander Ende
Remi Dufour David Maurer Eric Verity
Kimberly Dutchak Harjot Mavi Ian Vogt
Kelsie Dutka Kirsten McKelvey Jordan Walberg
Timothy Eldred Chelsea McLaren Jeri-Lynn Walton
Sydney Ellis Taylor Metz Alexis Ward
Eryn Enns Jonathan Millar Lyndon Weber
Sabih Fawad Kyle Moore Samantha Weber
Wenjie Fu Joshua Moreau Anna Wehner
Erika Gartner Matthew Mutschler Evan Wellman
Charea-Lynn Gibson Renee Muyres Logan Wert
Renae Giroux Shayla Napper Jenna Wood
Michael Gonari Abdul Basit Nasir Wei Xiao
Yongche Guo Jonathan Neigum Li Jie Yang



Convocation for the successful CFE writers will be held Saturday, March 14, 2020, at Queensbury Convention Center in Regina.

Successful candidates will receive an invitation with registration details in January 2020.


Please note that you may not use the CPA designation or communicate in any way that you are a CPA member until you have received a letter from the registrar confirming your registration as a member of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Saskatchewan.

The PEP and CFE are two of the three components of the CPA Certification Program. Once the successful candidate has met and appropriately documented the practical experience requirements (PER), the candidate will receive an email from CPA Saskatchewan with information on submitting a member application.