CPA Saskatchewan Scholarship Fund Inc

The CPA Saskatchewan Scholarship Fund Inc. is an affiliated but independent entity of CPA Saskatchewan. The Fund was originally established in 1991 as the legacy CGA Saskatchewan Scholarship Fund. With the unification of the profession it was determined that the Fund would be renamed the CPA Saskatchewan Scholarship Fund Inc.

The purposes of the Fund are listed below:

  • The Fund is established to provide scholarships, bursaries or grants to individuals living in Saskatchewan that are enrolled in the CPA preparatory courses and the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). The PEP program and the preparatory courses are administered by the CPA Western School of Business.
  • The scholarships, bursaries or grants are to assist recipients in the continuation of their course of studies in Saskatchewan leading to the CPA professional designation.
  • The activities of the Fund are restricted to promotion of higher education by providing bursaries, scholarships and grants to qualified students.

The Fund is managed by a Board and supported by the CPA Saskatchewan office staff. The current Board members are:

  • Don Walker, CPA, CGA (Chair)
  • Natalie Styles, CPA, CGA (Secretary)
  • Julie Tsui, CPA, CGA (Treasurer)
  • Kristin Walker, CPA, CA
  • Pamela Pifko, CPA, CMA
  • Kyla Wilson, CPA, CA
  • Loveleen Baldos, CPA, CMA

Myrna Buttner, Director of Member Events with CPA Saskatchewan serves as the Fund’s primary staff contact.

All CPA Saskatchewan members are members of the Fund.


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CPA Saskatchewan Scholarship Fund Inc