Become a CPA

Become a CPA and join one of the most globally recognized and respected organizations in the world!

With a CPA designation, you will join more than 200,000 members in Canada and belong to one of the largest national accounting designations in the world. The opportunities are endless, so pursue a career that is right for you.

A Canadian CPA designation will enhance your career prospects in a variety of industries and roles. As a highly qualified professional with expertise in accounting, finance, and business, you will always be in demand.

Your skills will meet the current and future needs of both Canadian and international markets, giving you the opportunity to join the thousands of Canadian CPAs applying their skills in over 100 countries worldwide.

The CPA Certification Program has evolved alongside the business environment, and competencies in data analytics and information systems are now built into the program to ensure that you have the skills required for your future career. As a CPA, you will be well-prepared to deal with advancements in technology and global challenges that impact the business landscape. With experience in ethical decision making, a strategic mindset, and abilities to make data-driven decisions and create value, you will have skills well-suited to your future career.

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If you have questions about whether the CPA profession is the right choice for you, contact CPA Saskatchewan via email or by phone at 306-359-0272.

CPA candidates and their immediate families have access to CPA Assist, a free wellness resource that offers confidential mental health services. 

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